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new DRTT dates for your Calendar


Are you a discrete, senior and inhouse thought leader in Direct Resourcing? Do you want to network with your peers?

*Only Senior HR & Resourcing Heads of large enterprises public & private participate in the DRTT.

*The hosts are the Senior HR & Resourcing Heads of large enterprises like Barclays, Tesco, PWC and Axa.

*DRTT is about the strategy of resourcing, as you have teams who do while you direct.

*What price would you put on being able to meet your peers from the companies above and understand how they are tackling the big issues?  The DRTT membership is completely free of charge, so look at the Calendar of Think Tanks below and either call me on 07979 751 562 or email me at to let me know which you want to participate in … 

April 9th9am – 12.30pm Barclaycard
1 Churchill Place
E14 5HP
Executive Search
Hosted by Adrian Shooter, Executive Resourcer, Barclaycard
Following a number of extremely successful and over subscribed previous Direct Resourcing Think Tank, this topic on developing an internal executive search capability is back due to high demand.   It offers members the opportunity to share experiences from initially championing a business to set up an internal function through to managing senior candidate attraction and on-boarding.
28th April9am – 12.30pm FSA
 25 The North Colonnade,Canary Wharf,


E14 5HS

Promoting Diversity
Hosted by Hayley Chelmick, Resourcing Manager, FSA
This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will explore the methods recruiters can use to promote opportunities to candidates from diverse backgrounds, either direct or through third party suppliers.  As well as discussing channels to market it will look at how people monitor and define success.
12th May9am – 12.30pm Tesco
 New Tesco House
Delamare Road
Structuring, Incentivising and Supporting an Internal Resourcing Function
 Hosted by Emma Smith, International Resourcing Manager (Europe), Tesco
Deciding how to structure, incentivise and support their internal resourcing function  is one of the key challenges many of our members face.  With so many variables and often an unclear picture of demand from their business this Direct Resourcing Think Tank offers members the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and experiences.   
19th May9am – 12.30pm Royal Bank of Scotland, Bishopsgate Structuring, Hosted by Susan Bor, Director, Group Resourcing, RBS
2nd June9am – 12.30pm Swiss Re
 30 St Mary Axe
Referral Schemes
Hosted by Kim Roberts, VP Human Resources, Swiss Re
Referral schemes are often one of the cheapest, yet most under utilised channels to market.  Tackling issues such as diversity and cultural barriers this Direct Resourcing Think Tank promises to be an informative and valuable session for talent professionals harnessing themselves to meet the increase in demand for hiring whilst managing costs.
9th June9am – 12.30pm BSkyB
 Grant Way
Employer Branding
Hosted by John Paul Cardew, Talent Resourcing Manager – Corporate & Broadcast, BskyB
By cleverly linking your employer branding to your consumer branding internal resourcing functions can gain unprecedented traction in the market.  At this Direct Resourcing Think Tank BSkyB will be sharing their experience on the journey they have been through to achieve this.
23rd June9am – 12.30pm  Coller Capital
 33 Cavendish Square
Sourcing and Selection
Hosted by Karina Barnes, Head of Resourcing, Coller Capital
This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will look at direct sourcing and selection techniques now being utilised in niche markets where directly approaching talent has traditionally been looked upon negatively .  Areas under discussion will range from comparing the use of different direct sourcing tools such as Linked In, through to how much emphasis should be placed in personality profiling and at what point in the process should it be used. 
30th June9am – 12.30pm Penspen
 33 Cavendish Square
Where have all the Engineers gone?
Hosted by Richard Irving, International Head of Recruitment & Manpower, Penspen
This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will look at the skills gap many engineering reliant organisations are currently experiencing.  From shorter term solutions to bridge this skills gap through to longer term strategies to revitalise the sector this promises to be a thought provoking discussion.
14th July9am – 12.30pm AXA, Bristol  
21st July9am – 12.30pm PWC  
4th August9am – 12.30pm Towers Watson  
1st September9am – 12.30pm Experian  
8th September9am – 12.30pm  Eversheds  
15th September9am – 12.30pm  Alvarez and Marsal  
22nd September9am – 12.30pm  The GSMA,Global HQ

Seventh Floor
5 New Street Square
New Fetter Lane

29th September9am – 12.30pm  CH2M Hill  

Best innovations in recruitment


A Reader asks RecruitAdvisory …

 What have been the best innovations in recruitment in the last two years?

Interested to hear what recent (let’s say last 2 years) innovations people have seen in the recruitment sector which are genuinely useful and value adding.

There have been so many great innovations in recruitment technology in the last two years, in each part of the recruitment cycle, from job requisition, through sourcing and screening, to selection and onboarding, aswell as for combinations of these parts. Tools for reporting generally have improved greatly too.

As a hiring line manager, I benefitted from none of them. and I guess that’s why I spent 10% of my time sourcing and selecting new talent, and as a recruiter, I spent an inordinate amount of time flitting between multitudinous tools, especially all the job-boards we used and subsequently the social networks.

So for me, innovations that aggregate the tools in one place are the most useful and value-adding. There is no one software vendor that has the monopoly on the best tools. The Jack of All Trades really is the Master of None in recruitment.

That’s why the single biggest innovation is Cloud Computing: you choose the tools you believe are Best of Breed in each part of the recruitment cycle, and it aggregates all your chosen tools in one place, making you a much better recruiter and putting the fun back into recruitment.

The very best make the biggest difference


Just as a great cookbook publishes the recipes that are the combined wisdom of many chefs, so I will be publishing the best of what I learn from you.

Top Directors of HR & Resourcing in large employers public & private ask my advice about attracting and selecting the very best talent because they want access to the top 5% of talent in every job function. It’s the employees that make an organisation great, so if you attract the best, you will be the best.

It’s the difference between the cook in your local chippie and the chefs in Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons: fish is on the menu at both. And just as the chefs at Le Manoir have sought and savoured the expertise of other great chefs around and before them, so I do yours, and thus dedicate this weblog to you, because it is only by engaging with the most talented in the world of Corporate Recruitment that the sharpest practices can be devised.

I am privileged to meet some of the best brains managing recruitment in the country. I will publish the gist of what they say (without naming individuals or employers, of course, unless they have asked me to – many like to get publicity!) with a view to getting your feedback. And criticise, disagree, take to task if you have experience to contradict what I write in this blog! It is only by collaboration that we will achieve our objectives and ourselves become Top Talent.