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Argh – Pee – Oh! Senior HR executives voice their reactions to outsourcing their recruitment function


A fascinating discussion runs the whole gamut of emotions and rationales. What do you think of their thoughts? Request this article (it will not be sent to you automatically) and let me know.



Talent Acquisition Tips and Christmas Tree Lighting – can you elucidate and shine?


Talent acquisition is like Christmas Tree Lighting – done well, it lights up the org tree and illuminates its best features. Here are 13 enlightened talent acquisition strategies. Download the article, comment on EITHER whether these should be done in Series, and if so, in which order, OR whether these should be done in Parallel, and if so, why, and then vote on someone’s else’s comments to see which Star comes out on top!

DRTT Q3 2010 dates to put into your Calendar

Are you a discrete, senior and inhouse thought leader in Direct Resourcing? Do you want to network with your peers? *Only Senior HR & Resourcing Heads of large enterprises public & private participate in the DRTT.

*The hosts are the Senior HR & Resourcing Heads of large enterprises like RBS, Experian, Towers Watson and Axa.

*DRTT is about the strategy of resourcing, as you have teams who do while you direct.

*What price would you put on being able to meet your peers from the companies above and understand how they are tackling the big issues?  The DRTT membership is completely free of charge because the hosts pay for the coffee & croissants, so look at the Calendar of Think Tanks below and either call me on 07979751562 or email me at to let me know which you want to participate in … 


23rd June, 9am – 12.30pm Coller Capital
 33 Cavendish Square
Sourcing and Selection
Hosted by Karina Barnes, Head of Resourcing, Coller Capital
This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will look at direct sourcing and selection techniques now being utilised in niche markets where directly approaching talent has traditionally been looked upon negatively .  Areas under discussion will range from comparing the use of different direct sourcing tools such as Linked In, through to how much emphasis should be placed in personality profiling and at what point in the process should it be used. 
24th June, 9am – 12.30pm  Royal Bank of Scotland
135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3UR
Maximising value from Resourcing Suppliers Hosted by Susan Bor, Director, Group Resourcing, Royal Bank of Scotland.Suppliers can provide considerable expertise across a numbers of Resourcing areas – permanent recruitment, contingent labour, recruitment assessment, recruitment marketing, retained search.  What’s your point of view on where suppliers can add most value, what types of initiatives should be considered and which suppliers have made a difference to your business?  
30th June, 9am – 12.30pm Penspen
3 Water Lane
Where have all the Engineers gone?
Hosted by Richard Irving, International Head of Recruitment & Manpower, Penspen
This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will look at the skills gap many engineering reliant organisations are currently experiencing.  From shorter term solutions to bridge this skills gap through to longer term strategies to revitalise the sector this promises to be a thought provoking discussion.
22nd July, 9am – 12.30pm AXA
5 Old Broad Street
Creating a World Class Recruitment Service
Hosted by Samantha Rich, Head of Group Attraction & Talent, AXA
What turns run-of-the-mill recruiting into a world class recruitment service? This Direct Resourcing Think Tank offers members the opportunity to candidly debate, discuss and hopefully define what a credible and effective recruitment service looks like for candidates, hiring managers and in-house resourcing teams.
4th August, 9am – 12.30pm Tower Watson21 Tothill StreetLondon


Effective Integration and Expansion
Hosted by Rachel Bowman, Recruiting Director EMEA & Asia Pacific, Tower WatsonFrom the challenges involved in expanding your remit to delivering across new territories and business units, right through to integrating resourcing functions during a merger, this Direct Resourcing Think Tank will explore the key strategic issues its leaders face.
1st September, 9am – 12.30pm Experian QAS Ltd 
George West House
2-3 Clapham Common North Side
“The War for Talent”Hosted by Francesca Haines, Recruitment Manager, Experian QAS

This Direct Resourcing Think Tank offers members the chance to discuss the challenges involved in positioning your business and forming social perception. It is also an opportunity to openly share best practice methods and discuss the merits and disadvantages of using social media as an attraction technique.

8th September, 9am – 12.30pm  Eversheds
1 Wood Street
ATS Selection, Integration and Bespoke Development
Hosted by Nicky Bizzell, Head of Resourcing, Eversheds
As an integral part of internal resourcing, using the best ATS is vital and can determine how effectively your resourcing function operates. This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will allow members to share experiences of selecting and implementing tracking systems and the value it brought to their company. It will also offer members looking to embark on this process the opportunity to have candid conversations with their market peers rather than having to navigate the process themselves.
Tuesday, 14 September, 9am – 12.30pm Time & Life Building 1 Bruton Street London W1J 6TL Creating an effective talent management programmeHosted by Charlotte Kao, Recruitment Manager, SEI Investments

The ‘war for talent’ is on and more and more employers are establishing talent programmes; but what does that mean?? What does and effective talent management programme look and feel like when it’s in operation, should it be lead from L&D, HR or Recruitment and what are the pitfalls to avoid

15th September, 9am – 12.30pm  Alvarez & Marsal 
 1 Finsbury Circus
“Things I wish I knew when I started recruiting…” 
Hosted by Joanna Martin,  European Recruitment Manager,  Alvarez & MarsalMoving away from the Direct Resourcing Think Tank’s normal agenda, this event offers members the opportunity to have a more general discussion surrounding the highs and lows of recruitment. What lessons have you had to learn the hard way or through trial and error? What works and what doesn’t? This event is a great opportunity to share knowledge and swap information.
22nd September, 9am – 12.30pm  GSM
5 New Street Square
New Fetter Lane
Internal Executive SearchHosted by John Kelly,  Head of Global Resourcing Operations, GSM

Executive Search continues to be a hot topic of conversation at Direct Resourcing Think Tank events. This event will be focused around the economics and key requirements of in-house exec search. We will also look at the problems surrounding branding, confidentiality and sensitivity at that level and also what the future holds for mid level and premium exec search.

29th September, 9am – 12.30pm  CH2M Hill
 Avon House
Kensington Village
Avonmore Road
West Kensington
W14 8TS
Global Contingent Outsourcing Deal: Myth or Reality?Hosted by David Mason,  International Talent Acquisition Director, CH2M Hill

This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will allow members to discuss the pitfalls surrounding the idea of Global Outsourcing. You will get the opportunity to debate the merits and also the complications involved with differing cultures, time zones, infrastructures and coverage, with the aim to ultimately answer the question “Can a global RPO company ever really work effectively?”