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Direct Resourcing Think Tank, new dates for 2010


Are you a discrete, senior and inhouse thought leader in Direct Resourcing? Do you want to network with your peers?

*Only Senior HR & Resourcing Heads of large enterprises public & private participate in the DRTT.

*The hosts are the Senior HR & Resourcing Heads of large enterprises like the Financial Times, CapGemini, BT, Legal & General, BBC, and Transport for London.

*DRTT is more about the strategy of resourcing, and less the doing, as you have teams who do while you direct.

*What price would you put on being able to meet your peers from the companies above and understand how they are tackling the big issues?  The DRTT membership is completely free of charge, so look at the Calendar of Think Tanks below and either call me on 07979 751 562 or email me at to let me know which you want to participate in …

December 11th  




1 Wood Street
The importance of a robust and comprehensive resourcing strategy.
Hosted by Nicky Bizzell, Head of Resourcing Eversheds
Always a hot topic of conversation at the Direct Resource Think Tank this event promises to offer an interesting insight into the key areas and challenges involved in developing a resourcing strategy that gets buy in from the hiring community.

11th  17.00 – late



Corney and Barrow
Paternoster Square

Everyone is invited to the DRTT’s Christmas Drinks.  This offers an informal opportunity to meet you fellow DRTT members for a pre-Christmas drink.  Please let me know in advance if you can make.
January 29th Transport for London Executive Search
Hosted by Charles St Aubyn, Head of Executive Search, TFL.
Following an extremely successful and over subscribed previous Direct Resourcing Think Tank, this topic on developing an internal executive search capability is back due to high demand.   It offers members the opportunity to share experiences from initially championing a business to set up an internal function through to managing senior candidate attraction and on-boarding.  
Experian QAS Referral Scheme
Hosted by Francesca Haines, Recruitment Manager, Experian QAS.
US companies are filling up to 40% of their vacancies through internal employee referral schemes.  Tackling issues such as diversity and cultural barriers this Direct Resourcing Think Tank promises to be an informative and valuable session for talent professionals harnessing themselves for an increase in demand for hiring whilst managing costs.
February 12th Navigant Consulting Leveraging your Employer Brand
Hosted by Charlotte Johns, International Head of Recruitment, Navigant Consulting.
Employer Brand is one of the most popular discussion points at Direct Resourcing Think Tank events.  This time around we’re looking at how smaller organisations can leverage their Employer Brands to help them win the war for talent when taking on the bigger opposition.
February 26th Clifford Chance The Perfect Candidate Experience
Hosted by Sarah Langton, Recruitment Manager, Clifford Chance.
As the market begins to revitalise itself and competition for candidates increases this Direct Resourcing Think Tank will look at the complete candidate experience, a critical and often overlooked aspect of the recruitment process.  Online communications, personal calls, feedback after application or interview, buddies, office tours during interview process, instant application updates via ATS/Web, etc, are just some of the areas up for discussion.
March 5th AXA Creating and Implementing an Effective Social Media Strategy for Recruitment
Hosted by Samantha Rich, Head of Group Resourcing, AXA.
This Direct Resourcing Think Tank will focus on best practice for using social media to engage with target talent and gives attendees the opportunity to discuss their do’s and don’ts to date.
March 12th Atkins Resource Planning and Budget Leverage
Hosted by Karen Wallbridge, Head of Recruitment, Atkins.
At this Direct Resourcing Think Tank the discussion will be based around how a resourcing function can plan, add value and increase internal mobility as well as ways it can leverage and control budget from and within a business.
March 19th GileadGilead Sciences Europe Ltd.
(International Headquarters)
2 Roundwood Avenue
South Building
Stockley Park
UB11 1AF
International Recruitment
Hosted by Grant Weinburg, Director of Talent Acquisition, Gilead.
This event offers the increasing number of international recruitment leaders  within the Direct Resourcing Think Tank the opportunity to discuss and share experiences on successes and challenges faced when recruiting across different territories.   Channels to market, cultural differences, legislations and sourcing multilingual internal recruiters are amongst a range of issues to be tabled.
March 26 Pepsico1600 Arlington Business Park
Supplier Management in a Direct Sourcing EnvironmentHosted by Katie McNab, Recruitment Manager UK & Ireland, Pepsico InternationalThere are a number of different strategies for managing the various types of third party supplier. At a time that many suppliers face major changes and new challenges, as their clients adopt direct resourcing, this Direct Resourcing Think tank offers a unique forum for industry experts to share their thoughts and opinions. Questions such as how can you ensure that your suppliers offer you the highest quality service at the right price will be addressed




What is the Board’s opinion of HR?


A Reader asks RecruitAdvisory ……

What is the Board’s opinion of HR?

Management’s opinion of HR – from reading reports on job cuts in HR, and ignoring Alan Sugar’s remarks on the profession –  Board members of large enterprises think HR is a cost that should be radically reduced because its impact on the top and bottom lines is not direct. From my own connections, I know that it is the CEO and CFO, not the Head of HR, who are making the majority of strategic HR decisions. An example in a round-about way is taken from an interview with Keith Brownlie, Group HRD for Informa plc, a huge international publisher and information provider, who says:

“One of the key HR relationships is not actually with the CEO, it’s with the financial director. He sees the business in terms of cost, of course, but if you can get him to understand social cost, and understand people benefit not in a financial sense, but in an overall business health sense, then you can really make things swing. I’ve worked hard on that key relationship with the financial director here” (Personnel Today, 19 June 2009).

It’s not surprising, then, that a number of Heads of Resourcing of large enterprises I know are applying to CFOs to report to them rather than to HRDs simply to get access to the Board and be able to put the business case for adequate budget.

And the case for many is compelling: if you can hire business-critical people who will themselves make money and/or reduce costs, then you are directly increasing the profits of the enterprise. You are yourself a Profit Centre. If you can demonstrate you are directly increasing profit, you can argue for a bigger, not smaller, budget. And once you have made this case, even if the Board do end up giving you a smaller budget, you will have won the right to push back again and say “Okay, if I live within a smaller budget, what parts of the profit that I am delivering to you do you want to forego?”

But many Heads of Resourcing either do not get access to the Board to argue this compelling case, or fear for their careers to do so.