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New law and hefty fines: why employers need to be concerned about all the interims their chairmen and chief executives hire, aswell as the contractors and temps too


The Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2015 was brought in to clamp down on aggressive tax avoidance. As an employer, your reputation will be irreparably damaged if your Chairman or CEO, or any company representative for that matter, hires companies on a contract when they should be hiring the people as employees.

The Coalition Government brought this law in to clamp down on false self-employment and offshore companies. The Conservative Government has a target of bringing in an extra £5bn of tax and so has renewed the previous director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer’s target of 1165 prosecutions in addition to the 220 company executives that they jailed last year

The bottom line is that HMRC will name and shame your company if your executives are caught hiring companies to perform a function when 80% of their annual income is coming from working with you, in which case they should be your employees and taxed as such.

So what do you need to do to keep your job and your company’s reputation?


Culture trumps strategy


Ever since this pithy aphorism was coined, employers have been wondering about it. Here, employers come up with 6 main benefits of hiring for cultural fit, and the 3 activities to execute the strategy.

How To Continuously Improve your Talent Acquisition


HR and Talent Directors who are Direct Resourcing Strategists discuss Continuous Improvement strategies and how they have saved themselves time and their organisations money while gaining control and improving efficiency. Simply request the notes of the meeting and I’ll send them to you.

Big Data on War For Talent


Which talent acquisition strategies actually save most time, what ones cut the most cost? Here’s aggregated data across 571 employers who are members of Direct Resourcing Strategists on the ten most successful strategies to save time and cut costs. Simply request the report on time saving and cost cutting strategies and I’ll send it to you

HR executives tell me confidentially what their top 3 talent acquisition priorities are for 2014/2015


HR in 571 organisations told me between January and April 2014 what is important to them in recruitment for the coming 2014/5 fiscal year. Most responses came from organisations employing 150-500 staff, and HR job titles were either HRD or Head of HR. Request the notes and I will send them to you.

Would your candidates tattoo them-selves with your company branding?


Harley logo

Managing, Sales, Marketing and Finance Directors talk to HRDs about :

  • lost revenue opportunities from giving indifferent service to rejected job applicants,
  • cost of low conversion rates of jobs & careers page visitor numbers to actual applicants, and
  • damage to the product and employer brand of not making the acquisition of talent their greatest asset.

Request the notes of this Direct Resourcing Strategists meeting on Customer Loyalty and the Candidate Experience …

Gurus, Hired Guns and Warm Bodies: some notes on their implications for hirers


Interims, temps, associates, contractors, freelancers, self-employed, free agents – whatever you want to call them, they are all employed on a contract for and not of employment. Employing them instead of permanent staff has big implications for financial risk and for brand. I gathered a group of senior executives to discuss these implications. Request the notes and I will send them to you

Creating an Equal & Diverse Workforce: it’s another story of the Elephant and the Doormouse


Senior inhouse recruitment managers discuss barriers within the existing process to ensure opportunities are fully accessible, sourcing and managing third party providers, advertising and sourcing diverse talent, countering unconscious bias and developing a good diversity etiquette, and engaging the wider business on the importance of diversity. Simply fill in your details, and I’ll send you this article.

Cost To Recruit


HR and Talent Acquisition Directors discuss the implications of not knowing their true Cost To Recruit (CTR), the difficulties in measuring and reporting on it, and how they have formulated various versions of it to make efficient resource allocation and forward-looking decisions. [I will manually send you this article]

Argh – Pee – Oh! Senior HR executives voice their reactions to outsourcing their recruitment function


A fascinating discussion runs the whole gamut of emotions and rationales. What do you think of their thoughts? Request this article (it will not be sent to you automatically) and let me know.