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Why Talent is the top topic


What is the impact of Talent on differentiating the market leader from an also-ran? And how can the Talent agenda benefit your career?

To help answer these questions, I have co-founded two discrete round tables.

The first is the Talent Think Tank, where HRDs and Directors of Talent talk aligning talent strategy with the Board’s objectives, workforce planning, succession planning, leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, compensation & benefits, and other issues of talent management. HRDs of large employers have hosted a number of what are now called TTTs, the most recent being hosted by the Financial Times’ Global HRD on Talent and the CEO.

The second is the Direct Resourcing Think Tank, popularly known now as the DRTT, which started in December 2008, and now is the UK’s foremost talking shop for Directors of Resourcing and senior HR stakeholders. About 25 round tables are hosted every year by Directors of Resourcing of large employers, discussing topics from the strategies of social media recruiting, through employer branding to managing an inhouse resourcing team.

If you would like to participate in either think tank or simply to know which topics are upcoming in the next few months, please contact me on or 07530 416 943