What are the software tools most commonly used by Employers and Search firms?

A Reader asks RecruitAdvisory…

What are the software tools most commonly used by Employers and Search firms?

Short answer:

As an employer or an RPO, just look at the Taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen and see how many apps you have open just to do your recruiting or resourcing management job! You need a platform that integrates all these recruitment tools into one screen to increase productivity and start enjoying recruitment again, don’t you!? That platform is Cloud Computing with extreme ease of use, intuitive, no training required apps sitting on that platform.


Long answer:

The drive for more productivity aswell as better candidates demands more technology.

I counted over 300 vendors doing one thing or another somewhere in the requisition-search-preselect-select-onboard recruitment process, so here’s a partial directory of suppliers in the UK

I have a list of suppliers that I work with, but I’m looking for more to partner with, so call me if you have a great solution that fits nicely somewhere in the end-to-end recruitment cycle.

Active candidates use job-boards. What really helps are multi posting engines like knollenstein and equest.

What irritated me as a recruiter was having to go into all the job-boards we used to search for CVs one board at a time. So a tool like Daxtra is really helpful. There’s the problem of finding good candidates in the ocean of active applicants. You need CV parsing. You also need to ask these applicants questions online. I would contend you also need to assess their fit with the employer and the specific job, so look at effectivate.

To help pipeline candidates, you need a CRM system like Avature. Being able to search expert forums, blogs and social media for passive candidates can bring big rewards in the long run whether you are an employer or an RPO. LinkedIn, facebook and twitter are great, but there are plenty more social networks, so you need an aggregator to make the most of your time.

There are so many tools that we use nowadays whether we are RPOs or employers. It makes a nonsense to buy a talent management / human capital management / HR suite because they simply don’t address many of the most critical functions of the recruitment process. The priority is to integrate your recruitment tools using a Cloud Computing platform to help you get more satisfaction out of doing a better job.


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