Best innovations in recruitment

A Reader asks RecruitAdvisory …

 What have been the best innovations in recruitment in the last two years?

Interested to hear what recent (let’s say last 2 years) innovations people have seen in the recruitment sector which are genuinely useful and value adding.

There have been so many great innovations in recruitment technology in the last two years, in each part of the recruitment cycle, from job requisition, through sourcing and screening, to selection and onboarding, aswell as for combinations of these parts. Tools for reporting generally have improved greatly too.

As a hiring line manager, I benefitted from none of them. and I guess that’s why I spent 10% of my time sourcing and selecting new talent, and as a recruiter, I spent an inordinate amount of time flitting between multitudinous tools, especially all the job-boards we used and subsequently the social networks.

So for me, innovations that aggregate the tools in one place are the most useful and value-adding. There is no one software vendor that has the monopoly on the best tools. The Jack of All Trades really is the Master of None in recruitment.

That’s why the single biggest innovation is Cloud Computing: you choose the tools you believe are Best of Breed in each part of the recruitment cycle, and it aggregates all your chosen tools in one place, making you a much better recruiter and putting the fun back into recruitment.


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