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Five smart recruitment strategies


1. Treat talent acquisition like a sales job: the war for talent may have changed to the war for the best talent and filtering out the mediocre and worst, but that still doesn’t change the fact that employers who want to be the best in the their markets need the best employees, and that means selling their jobs to the best candidates. Inhouse recruiters also need to sell their services to the hiring line managers (if only to prevent them becoming maverick hirers who use their own pet, – and expensive – agency), and sell candidates to them too, so the attitude of the salesperson is invaluable. I have noticed that the top recruitment managers and directors have had a recruitment agency background, which has made them alot more commercially-savvy and sales-minded than those with an HR training. Make sure you have sales & marketing technologies to support your sales drive.

2. View hard to fill jobs as having value for your company; business-critical ones even more. If you are finding it hard to fill a job, odds are that your competitors and other employers seeking to fill the same sort of role are having the same hard time. Or maybe they are stealing a march on you in the war for talent and are filling them at your expense. Technologies that can help you with these hard to fill jobs will give you a competitive advantage. Referral campaigns should be focused on the line managers in whose departments these hard-to-fill roles are located, and their networks tapped. Birds of a feather fly together.

3. Build pipelines based on the profiles of successful staff. Identify what a “good” candidate looks like by profiling your top 5% of employees in each job function. You can then search for similar profiles. Harness the networks of those successful staff too.

4. Target passive candidates.Everyone knows that there are many more of the best talent to be found among passive candidates than in the ranks of the active, and passive candidates don’t necessarily look at job advertisements or post their CVs on job-boards, so finding out where these passive candidates work and play will bring you big dividends. Because they are passive candidates, they won’t say yes to an interview straightaway, so market to them on a consistent and regular basis, and one morning they will wake up, decide they want to move jobs, and choose you!

5. Search professional networks, expert forums, and blogs for the business-critical technical experts you need to drive your employer forward. Your best talent will identify these avenues for you, and they can supply you with the business cards of these experts. If you have tools to do this online, then you will identify the best talent by their expertise. It’s then up to you to sell to them!

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