Current challenges facing Corporate Recruiters in today’s times? Where is the most time spent and where are the greatest frustrations?

A Reader asks RecruitAdvisory……

Current challenges facing Corporate Recruiters in today’s times? Where is the most time spent and where are the greatest frustrations?

All advertised jobs are being over-responded to nowadays. As a recruiter, I found two types of solutions to reducing the amount of time spent pre-screening CVs, one technological, the other process.

The technology asked each candidate either during or after application to fill out a branching-questions questionnaire sent out automatically which would then grade respondents, and for some business-critical roles I also put CVs through a profiler which grades each CV according to a profile of the best employees in that particular role.

The process solution revolved around advertising more selectively just to passive candidates on relevant social networks, or spending the time headhunting people not on the job market and who don’t want to change as these I found to be the best candidates; alot of these candidates I did not persuade to come forward for interview straightaway, so I put them into the talent pool for marketing to regularly until they got interested in my employer and my roles.

As a recuiter, I found that the technological solution showed me only ten percent of the CVs I would otherwise have read, all nicely graded in order of priority to call. For volume hires, this was a great time- and frustration-saver and subsequent audits proved it near-perfect. The profiler technology was superb too because, when linked to the process solution of searching databases of people not looking for jobs (like LinkedIn, for example), it highlighted alot of people whom one would not have thought of for the role but were actually matched nicely.

As for the greatest frustration, it would have been hiring line managers who didn’t give feedback on candidates, or who were too slow in asking a hot candidate in for interview. I then got a tool which mandated feedback, sent alerts to them to respond to their work & home email, their mobile phones/Blackberries and even text-to-voice to their office & home phones, and which gave me reports on manager performance, which both reduced my and candidates’ frustration, and helped me finesse the search because I got proper feedback from well-trained hirers.

These technological and process solutions still didn’t mean that the best woman always got the job, but it certainly reduced time and frustration, and gave me a real driving passion for recruitment!


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