The very best make the biggest difference

Just as a great cookbook publishes the recipes that are the combined wisdom of many chefs, so I will be publishing the best of what I learn from you.

Top Directors of HR & Resourcing in large employers public & private ask my advice about attracting and selecting the very best talent because they want access to the top 5% of talent in every job function. It’s the employees that make an organisation great, so if you attract the best, you will be the best.

It’s the difference between the cook in your local chippie and the chefs in Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons: fish is on the menu at both. And just as the chefs at Le Manoir have sought and savoured the expertise of other great chefs around and before them, so I do yours, and thus dedicate this weblog to you, because it is only by engaging with the most talented in the world of Corporate Recruitment that the sharpest practices can be devised.

I am privileged to meet some of the best brains managing recruitment in the country. I will publish the gist of what they say (without naming individuals or employers, of course, unless they have asked me to – many like to get publicity!) with a view to getting your feedback. And criticise, disagree, take to task if you have experience to contradict what I write in this blog! It is only by collaboration that we will achieve our objectives and ourselves become Top Talent.


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